Campus Safety at Oregon Post-Secondary Education Institutions: A Report from the Oregon Campus Safety Work Group

Publication Date: 2016
Abstract: Following the tragic shooting at Umpqua Community College in 2015, the Oregon Campus Safety Work Group (OCSWG) was formed to identify resource needs and potential state policies that enable a coordinated strategy across the higher education system for public and private institutions; as well as analyze promising practices and protocols that can be shared across all post-secondary education institutions to maintain public safety and prevent, prepare for, and effectively manage future response and recovery efforts for campus wide crises or emergencies. The OCSWG and its subgroups reviewed and analyzed case studies of strategies, policies, and institutions from other states, as well as a literature review of previous reports and papers. In addition, information from individuals and groups associated with campuses and public safety, including a group of journalism students from the University of Oregon and a representative of the Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshal, was incorporated, as were the results from three surveys. The report outlines details the OCSWG's actions and identified recommendations.