Preparing for After: How to help victims of mass violence

Publication Date: 2014
Abstract: In 2014, VOICES completed Preparing for After, a resource kit that documents best practices in preparing for, responding to and recovering from acts of mass violence. The purpose of this eBook is to introduce a long-term recovery perspective into emergency response planning. This publication serves to: underscore the importance of pre-planning to both the short- and long-term outcomes; highlight limitations of the short-term response perspective; establish a case for a long-term model for emergency response and recovery services; and identify best practices for meeting victims' needs. The target audiences for this eBook are the community leaders and officials who have the authority for initiating an effort to include long-term best practices into a community emergency response plan and who can make the decision to allocate resources. This group likely includes elected officials, local, state and federal law enforcement, district attorneys, prosecutors, police, fire and EMS chiefs, emergency planners, public health and medical care providers, human service and mental health officials, school superintendents, university officials, community leaders and major employers, relevant voluntary agencies and nonprofits and prospective funders.