Response to Protests on UC Campuses

Publication Date: 2012
Abstract: After physical conflict erupted between police and protesters during demonstrations at UC Berkeley and UC Davis in November 2011, the University President asked the Vice President, General Counsel, and Berkeley Law School Dean to review existing policies and practices regarding the university's response to demonstrations and civil disobedience. This review was aimed at identifying best practices to inform the university's response to future demonstrations. This report is premised on the belief that free expression, robust discourse, and vigorous debate over ideas and principles are essential to the university's mission. The goal of this report is to identify practices that will facilitate such expression and encourage lawful protest activity, while also protecting the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, police, and the general public when protesters choose to violate laws and regulations. The report arrives at 49 recommendations in nine areas and guides the UC system and campuses in how to respond to future protests effectively by addressing roles and responsibilities; policies; organization and structure; and training.