Managing Major Events: Best Practices From the Field

Publication Date: 2011
Abstract: This report, the 17th in the Critical Issues in Policing series, addresses the issue of policing major events, both planned and unplanned, such as political demonstrations, natural disasters, and acts of terrorism. The report aims to explore some of the key issues that have proved important or difficult in the real world of policing. PERF's approach to this project was to bring police practitioners together to discuss the issues they have encountered, the approaches that they have tried and have found either useful or unhelpful, and the lessons they have learned. Police executives who have had experience dealing with natural disasters, major sporting events such as the Olympics, national political conventions, and other major events were invited to participate in an Executive Session in 2010. These leaders discussed the most critical issues they encountered and their approaches to solving the problems they faced. The bulk of this report consists of quotations from that Executive Session. Most chapters of the report conclude with recommendations and lessons learned from the discussions on topics such as planning for disasters, crowd management, the National Incident Management System, and preparing for protests at major events.