Violent Crime Reduction Operations Guide

Publication Date: 2018
Abstract: In an effort to address ways in which law enforcement can successfully combat violent crime, the MCCA and BJA have released the Violent Crime Reduction Operations Guide. When it comes to crime, no one just lives in the United States everyone lives in a specific city, in a specific neighborhood. How violent crime is felt in communities, and how the policing executive is challenged to respond to it, is a much more nuanced story than crime numbers themselves would indicate. It is important for the accountable law enforcement executive to recognize that he or she is not alone in dealing with the thorny problem of violent crime. Violent crime has many components and there are many tools and partners available to help respond to it, including research institutions, peers, technology systems, government and non-government partners, and federal resources. All jurisdictions, however, have their own unique set of challenges, stakeholders, and resources. Consequently, there is no singular or static solution to violent crime. This guide outlines actions and activities that are relatable agency to agency and that have contributed to successful crime-fighting strategies throughout the country. This guide complements existing conversations and offers a unique for the field, by the field perspective that combines best practices and research to assist all law enforcement executives in assessing their overall capacity and answering the question, Where do we go from here?