Emerging Issues in Managing International Programs at Institutions of Higher Education

Publication Date: 2016
Abstract: Many college and university campuses in the US now have global footprints. They not only welcome hundreds of thousands of international students every year, but also send hundreds of thousands of students, faculty members, and staff all over the world to study, do research, and engage in other activities. Although these programs provide great academic and institutional value to universities, many universities are confronting meaningful risks by operating overseas. Global health and safety managers convened in October 2015 and February 2016 to discuss global programs at institutions of higher education. Participants reviewed key risk management and mitigation issues identified in a pre-event survey, prioritized emerging risk issues for higher education, developed recommendations to address these issues, and discussed the resources required to implement them. Participants also discussed topics related to faculty management, insurance coverage, mental health, training, and funding. This white paper summarizes key issues identified in the discussions as well as preliminary and final recommendations and conclusions.