Body-Worn Video Cameras for Law Enforcement Assessment Report

Publication Date: 2015
Abstract: Body-worn video cameras are valuable tools that can be used by law enforcement to record traffic stops, arrests, sobriety tests, and interviews. Body-worn video camera systems typically consist of a camera, microphone, battery, and onboard storage. They are designed to be head-mounted or worn at various locations on the body, depending on the model. In January 2015, the System Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders (SAVER) Program conducted an operationally oriented assessment of body-worn video cameras for law enforcement. Seven body-worn video cameras were assessed by emergency responders. The criteria and scenarios used in the assessment were derived from the results of a focus group of emergency responders with experience using body-worn video cameras. The assessment addressed 16 evaluation criteria in three SAVER categories: Capability, Deployability, and Usability. The overall results of the assessment are highlighted in the report.