A Guide for Local Impaired-Driving Task Forces Volume II: Local Task Force Case Studies

Publication Date: 2011
Abstract: The purpose of this guide is to assist officials and members of the public interested in establishing an impaired-driving task force at a local or regional level (city, county, or region, not statewide) or who are exploring ways to improve their current task forces. This guide is based on case studies of nine local task forces that represent a range of histories, structures, and approaches. It addresses how local task forces are formed, the structure and operation of local task forces, the types of activities in which local task forces are involved, how local task forces obtain and manage funding and other resources, task force strengths and weaknesses, and how to avoid pitfalls and obstacles that confront task forces. Volume I is a guide for local impaired-driving task forces that summarizes the information collected from the various task forces and includes recommendations by task force members. Volume II contains the full-length case studies for each of the nine local task forces upon which the Volume I guide was based.