Policing Off-Campus Communities at Institutions of Higher Education

Publication Date: 2016
Abstract: On October 22, 2015, eighteen campus public safety executives from thirteen institutions of higher education (IHE), with support from the National Center for Campus Public Safety (NCCPS), gathered for a one-day emerging issues forum. The group convened as part of the NCCPS's role to be a nationwide resource for addressing critical issues in campus safety. The purpose of the forum was to identify best practices in sharing campus law enforcement responsibilities with local partners and establishing and maintaining positive, supportive, and effective relationships with off-campus communities. It addressed three objectives IHEs have regarding the development of best practices that help local and campus law enforcement agencies coordinate more closely and efficiently: determine patrol responsibilities and legal considerations; identify effective records management and intelligence-sharing practices; and establish and maintain positive relationships with local agencies and surrounding communities. Facilitated discussions during the forum identified the most pressing coordination challenges local and campus law enforcement agencies face and generated recommendations regarding best practices to address those challenges.